Hitman 2 PC Game

Hitman 2 PC Game PC Download

Hitman 2 PC Game

Hitman 2 PC Game The events of HITMAN 2 (Hitman 2) – a third-person shooter with the main filling of the stealth genre – lead us to the new adversaries of the Providence organization – employees of the “Shadow Client” – Robert and Sierra Knox. They previously worked with 47, but betrayed Providence for reasons that were unclear until the end of the storyline.

The first mission takes us to New Zealand, a remote location where we must find Alma’s computer and find out who is working for the Shadow Client and who is TK. Next, we go to Miami, where we have to eliminate key TC players. After that, the main plot is revealed to us: we travel to Colombia to kill the three largest cartels. This mission is to block our enemy’s freedom of movement and we can “catch” him in the act.

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Hitman 2 PC Game Download PC Features

  • The last mission before which we will visit Mumbai will trace the line of one of the organizers of the Ark Society.
  • In Hitman 2, a multiplayer mode and “Ghost Mod” appeared, in which two players compete against each other.
  • Killing their opponents in the same place, but without touching each other.
  • As the narrative campaign progresses.
  • We will see an improved arsenal of weapons and more thoughtful gameplay in terms of strategic thinking.
  • The game now consists directly of tactical eliminations.
  • Ok, if you hit the clean kill mark.
  • The remaining innovations concerned the game mechanics and the structure of the game world.
  • We will be able to interact with almost all objects, but at the same time, opponents will be able to do the same thing.

Gameplay Highly Compressed

  • For example, when enemies see us in the mirror.
  • They immediately send a signal to the security guard.
  • Seeing us on the video surveillance camera, runs to check the territory.
  • The brighter you shine with a bald head, the harder it becomes to complete the game.
  • Thimbleweed Park is a small town in the American Outback.
  • Where eccentric residents live with their problems, complex relationships, and subtle mental organization.
  • When a body is found under the bridge, it turns out to be a local philanthropist.
  • Chuck Edmund and the uncle of one of the main characters.
  • Two FBI special agents, Ray and Reyes, who did not know each other until now, are assigned to investigate the incident.
  • You must work closely with the niece of the deceased, the game designer Dolores.
  • The ghost Franklin, and the cursed clown Reims.

Hitman 2 PC Game System Requirements

  • To stop a criminal, you need to solve many puzzles and find 6 clues.
  • And discover various mysterious and interconnected incidents of fire in an old factory.
  • The appearance of ghosts in a hotel, and events in a circus.
  • For anything related, the player has one game night.
  • You can complete the story in two modes: casual, easier and harder, or hardcore.
  • There are no cheats in the game, so you have to think about your further actions from time to time.
  • But you can always check the to-do list to find out what it is.
  • There are 9 teams in management, and most of the time you have to click on “Go” and “Use”.
  • You can also “talk” with the locals, for example, the sheriff.
  • Who has twin brothers or suffers from a personality disorder.
  • A lady from a pastry shop who decided to transform the store to sell radio hits, girls in pigeon costumes.

Hitman 2 PC Game

What’s New Hitman 2 PC Game

  • There’s even a local witch who got mad at a clown and was cursed by a stoned salesman at a gas station.
  • Hidden in these dialogues are instructions on what and how to do to get closer to the finale of Thimbleweed Park.
  • Alicemare – is an independent adventure with a twisted and complex plot with horror elements.
  • At the center of the story is a boy named Allen. He lost his memory.
  • The last thing he remembers is the loss of his father and mother.
  • Because of this, he ended up in an orphanage.
  • Once he heard about rumors that were constantly circulating in the corridors.
  • The hero decides to investigate to find out if the legend that has haunted the walls of the asylum for many years is true.
  • Explore a huge hideout and interact with different characters.
  • There are no monsters in the game and there is no need to fight.
  • Nevertheless, Alicemare’s gameplay contains elements of suspense and will continue to stimulate your imagination for a long time.
  • The story is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s story “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Many heroes are depicted, each with their own characteristics.
  • Allen – the main character, who loves reading books and newspapers.

How to Install it?

  • Psychonauts – an incredible third-person platformer of its kind, introduces us to a character named Razputin.
  • He is a simple boy who desperately wants to join the organization of psychonauts – those who are considered the elite.
  • These creatures are capable of protecting the minds of other monsters and agents of the organization.
  • One day, our Razi arrives at a closed training base for aspiring psychonauts.
  • Where they undergo several tests before becoming real psionic agents.
  • He simply wonders how it is possible to be so weak and defenseless and succumb to the manipulations of the mysterious villain.
  • The game’s antagonist kidnaps young cadets to take possession of their brains because the true creators of life end up in the cadet camp.
  • Those who possess telekinesis and levitation, are like our heroes.
  • Razi figured out the system by which the antagonist kidnaps other children.
  • Allowing him to fully track his actions and prevent them.
  • In the game, we will steal the cadets’ brains and return them through levitation and telekinesis.
  • Move objects, play cards with guards, complete complex logic tasks – Razputin needs a player for this!


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