GO ALL OUT LADY SCARLET Everyone get out! : The greatest heroes and antagonists from different universes, games, films, and even comics have been brought together for a duel! Original and guest characters (and scenes) from games and comics: Play as Cole Black – an amnesiac mercenary from Get Even (Bandai Namco/Farm51). Relive your childhood with comic book hero Breakbone “The Fearful” from the Kayko & Kokosh comic book series. Grab your bike and be Lady Scarlet from “Desert Child” Destroy enemies with the latest Teslamancer – Teslakid.

Advanced game mechanics such as combo breaker, wall jump, sprint, dodge, overstack with special counter, aerial chain, and much more. Unlockable playstyle variants that change the way characters play and feel. Unlock gear, win and lose poses, colors, and more Different game modes. Constant updates. An easy-to-learn beat-’em-up with some Smash Brothers mechanics (you win when the opponent’s health bar drops to zero, but you can knock the opponent out of the ring to gain an advantage and you can use random objects).

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  • For now, it’s promising. The controls are mostly precise.
  • The graphics are beautiful and charismatic, and the few levels are varied.
  • There are only 4 fighters on the roster at the moment, but
  • I believe more will be added soon (updates are regular).
  • The 4 fighters play very differently and you have to find each one’s strategies.
  • Of course, it gets a bit boring when the raptor can fly high above the ring and fire missile after missile.
  • The developers have just integrated online multiplayer.
  • And soon there will also be the option of ranked matches.
  • Fast and entertaining online games are already possible.
  • A little gem in the making, but it requires a broader player base.
  • I tried this game and I have no idea what I’m playing.


  • The controls are bad, the hitboxes are terrible, it’s very stiff and clunky,
  • Do not release your game this way in this state.
  • Don’t make the same mistake as other independent fighters.
  • The game has potential. Please just rework the mechanics.
  • The levels look very good. Remove floating infinite jumps.
  • I like the concept of health and such but this game seems very neglected and I would hardly recommend it.
  • Don’t sell it at 11:00, no one will buy this mess of a buggy at that price.
  • The art style is wildly inconsistent, the controls are unintuitive and inevitably unresponsive by default, and in general.
  • It feels more like a proof of concept than anything else.

GO ALL OUT LADY SCARLET System Requirements

  • Your character’s movements don’t even change depending on which direction you go.
  • Which is generally considered standard in fighting games since Street Fighter in the 1980s?
  • It has stages, like a platform fighter, but you have a health bar.
  • Similar to that of a traditional fighter, which makes it a bit like Smash Bros.’
  • Stamina mode, meaning there’s no interesting off-stage play like Smash, Rivals, Slap City, etc.
  • There is a certain “GAO Coin” currency mechanic.
  • But I haven’t even bothered to play long enough to understand what it does.



What’s New Free Download

  • I play a lot of platform games, but I can confidently say that without major changes, this won’t be one of them.
  • Go All Out from BlueSunsetGames is a 4-player 2D fighting game very similar to the Super Smash Bros.
  • And the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game.
  • At the time of this review, the game is very small with 4 fighters (soon to be 6) and a few select modes.
  • You play by depleting the opponent’s health bars by attacking with small mini-combos and using items in selected phases.

How to Install it?

  • The visuals/graphics are very good (I especially like the look of Pillar and Toxic Wasteland).
  • But I think more polish and detail should be added to the scene to make it even more impressive.
  • The controls are super/simple.
  • There is a menu where you can search for what you need to do and it’s quite easy to understand and play.
  • The longer you play, the more experienced you become.
  • The music is good. Tracks like “Neo City” and “Castle Siege” are some of my favorites.
  • These tracks are the themes that I think best fit BSG with their EDM.
  • I don’t particularly like certain songs like the main menu theme.
  • I don’t feel like any of the songs make me want to fight like Smash’s Battlefield or PlayStation.


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