heart's medicine doctor's oath

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath Download PC

heart's medicine doctor's oath

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath is the 4th season of the Heart’s Medicine series. This game was originally scheduled for release in June 2018 but was later delayed until October 2018. This is the first game released by Gamehouse Original Stories to be a free-to-play game! A beta version was released in Canada on April 10, 2018, for IOS devices. A beta version was released through Google Play to test Doctor’s Oath on Android devices in December 2018. Doctor’s Oath was released on Gamehouse and Zylom on May 21, 2020, for PC.

(Since the release of Chapter 11, we have received news that the creator of the cardiac medicine series has left. As far as we know, there will be no more content released, if any further, ignore this message) Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath has an engaging commitment. a storyline comprised of humorous but entertaining moments, as well as some surprisingly poignant moments. This, combined with pleasant graphics and beautiful music, makes Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath incredibly addictive and enjoyable. “Become a doctor in a romantic medical drama with aspiring intern Allison Heart!

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Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath PC Game Download Features

  • GameHouse and Blue Giraffe are proud to present the latest original story from GameHouse, featuring your favorite doctor, Allison Heart!
  • Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath is an intense medical drama tied to a casual game that will make you cry.
  • The game has a captivating and unique storyline but original singer/songwriter music.
  • Highly detailed artwork and animation, cool addictive gameplay, and an insane amount of heart.
  • If you like games that focus on great storytelling, because this is the game for you!
  • Live the life of a doctor as you race to find a cure for an unknown disease!
  • Your search for a cure will take you through six exciting new hospital departments, from the Clinic to the Morgue.
  • Play the full game at no extra cost.
  • More levels to play than ever! Enjoy 240 levels at launch, with more to come!
  • So many extras! Unlock new story scenes, upgrade your character to gain useful bonuses, and purchase the upgrades YOU want to buy.

Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath System Requirements

  • Party with Oliver and his guinea pig friends, Punky and Olive.
  • Master new mini-games like a real doctor, all in medical style.
  • Follow Allison as she begins her final rotations as an intern at Queensburrow Bridge Hospital, because on her path to qualifying as a full-fledged doctor!
  • Unfortunately, things never go well for Allison, and this one is no exception.
  • Dr. Ermey, the doctor in charge of her clinical rotation, appears to be picking on her and threatens to abandon her.
  • Allison ends up seeing her chances of becoming a doctor dwindle by the minute, desperate for a solution, but unable to find one.
  • However, everything is put on hold when a patient with a mysterious illness is admitted to the hospital.
  • Several doctors end up becoming infected themselves, including Connor.
  • Sophia… and Dr. Ermey. When the CDC quarantines.
  • Queensburrow, Allison, and the other doctors race against time to find a cure before more deaths occur.
  • Your help will be invaluable to Allison as she tries to beat time and find a cure in time!
  • Experience the love, intense action, realistic drama, and crazy funny moments.
  • And the beauty of celebrating life in Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath.

heart's medicine doctor's oath

What’s New Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath

  • This game is similar to previous games as it features a maze of cards for succession.
  • Many levels and challenges are waiting to be conquered in this game!
  • This game has a rechargeable energy bar which makes this game free to play.
  • Previous games do not have an energy bar or lives.
  • If you are not a Gamehouse Original Story subscriber, the default maximum amount of energy because that can be recharged is 110.
  • You can buy Starter Pack 1 which will give you an energy bar of 160 for 7 days! Or!
  • You can buy Starter Pack 2 which will give you a 160 energy bar forever!
  • If you are a Gamehouse Original Story subscriber, but the default maximum amount of energy that can be is 160.
  • Each month you will receive a free meal consisting of an apple, orange juice, and salad!
  • Giving you 180 energy! This game has a player level, and you can earn XP by playing the levels!
  • When you reach a new player level, you will earn boosters, diamonds as well and shopping cards!
  • The shop has been renovating with cards instead of coins, requiring hearts to purchase them.
  • When Chapters 7 and 8 were releas, new purchase cards were added. (VersionMore Guinea Pigs – Generate twice as many guinea pigs at once at a guinea pig level!
  • Extra Level Time – Add 10 seconds to the clock, allowing you to complete more mini-games, and patients and find more guinea pigs!

How to Install it?

  • More time in a guinea pig level – Adds more time for each guinea pig found.
  • Guinea pigs give extra hearts – More points by Oliver.
    More time in a mini-game level.
  • Gives you more time on the mini-game timeline to reach a full heart in each mini-game!
  • Minigames Give Extra Hearts – Adds more hearts to the bar of a minigame.
  • Each level of Doctor’s Oath contains puzzle pieces that require you to complete.
  • The challenge of that level is to put the pieces together and watch a new, never-before-seen cutscene!
  • You earn puzzle pieces by playing teams and challenge levels!
  • Daily playable puzzle pieces are only available for chapters 7 through 11.
  • The path to progression requires stars to unlock lockpads, but which are located every five levels in the main story.
  • Decorative heart generators gain hearts per time spent and can store a certain capacity of generated hearts.
  • Levels can get more stars in the overall score, not just the highest score.
  • The game once had a key system, which has now been replace by Star Lockpads.
  • Includes a new Diamond Patient! If you serve her, her golden hearts will turn into diamonds!


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