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hylics 2 Hylics 2 is the sequel to Hylics and was created by Mason Lindroth, released on June 22, and is available on Steam and itch.io. It is described as “a surreal role-playing game with a unique graphic style and a whimsical storyline.” This game uses a mix of stop-motion animation, 3D scanned clay models, and pixel art. This game also features Chuck Salamone as a composer with some tracks by Mason Lindroth. The minions of the tyrant Gibby are trying to restore their supposedly long-destroyed master. It’s up to our crescent-headed protagonist, Wayne, to put together a team and prevent such a thing from happening.

A captivating visual style with stop-motion animation, 3D digitized clay models, and pixel art. Participate in turn-based RPG battles against over 25 opponents, each with unique abilities and behaviors. – Assemble Wayne’s crew and explore the 3D environments. Use aerial jumps, rolls, and slides to find hidden treasures or avoid enemies. Ask the people of the world for clues, knowledge, and thoughts. This is one of those games that is packed with stylish graphics! Highly recommended if you want to not only play the game but also enjoy its absurd yet fantastical style.

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Download PC Features

  • Protagonist Wayne took it upon himself to put together a team and prevent something like this.
  • Similar to the first game, Hylics 2 follows Wayne’s adventures and begins in his house.
  • However, it quickly becomes clear that he is not a single individual.
  • But a single member of an entire Wayne species.
  • This colony of Wayne lives in their home known as Waynehouse.
  • Wayne heads to the roof of the house and finds Old Wayne, the oldest figure in the colony, to talk to him.
  • Old Wayne speaks of a prophecy from the stars that tells of Gibby’s resurrection through the efforts of his faithful followers.
  • Wayne is sent to inform Blerol, the leader of New Muldul, of these foretold events.
  • The other members of the Waynehouse have not yet completed their training.
  • He is expected to undertake his mission alone.
  • Arriving in New Muldul, it turns out that the town has already been invaded by the troops of a ruler named Viewax.
  • With the town no longer occupied by enemy forces, Lord.
  • Blerol and the local café owner were kidnapped and held captive in the Viewax building to the north.

HYLICS 2 Gameplay

  • Enters Blerol Castle to find his former ally Pongorma, who was sent to New Muldul to help rescue Blerol.
  • As the two have a common goal, they join forces and Pongorma provides them with pneumatophores.
  • Allowing them to hover in the air and make movement easier.
  • Wayne and Pongorma head north to confront Viewax and rescue his prisoners.
  • While trying to break into the building, the two encounter another old friend, Dedusmuln.
  • Dedusmuln explains that they are in the area for research purposes and are looking for old active cabinets stored in the fortress.
  • They decide to team up with Wayne and Pongorma, and together.
  • The three Dedusmulns use a canoe to get to the building via the fortress dungeons.
  • The crew eventually makes their way to the top of the tower where Viewax resides and defeats him.
  • The key to the dungeon is recover by Viewax and Wayne and his crew free the imprisoned Blerol and the cafe owner.
  • The group returns to New Muldul to speak with Blerol and discuss the current threat.
  • Lord Blerol explains to Wayne that a remnant of Gibby survived after his defeat.
  • These remains, called Gibbylet, originally belong to Blerol and were sealed in a remote vault.

HYLICS 2 System Requirements

  • However, while a prisoner of Viewax, Blerol was forc to reveal the location of the vault.
  • This information was later pass on to another enemy named Odozeir.
  • Fearing that Gibby’s agents’ recovery of the Gibbylet is already underway as they speak.
  • Blerol gives Wayne the dock key for his airship to reach the vault’s location on Foglast Island.
  • Unbeknownst to Wayne and his team, Odozeir’s agents managed to gain access to the vault and seize the Gibbylet.
  • The remainder, now in enemy hands, would soon be use to restore the deceas tyrant Gibby and bring the former ruler back to life.
  • Wayne and Pongorma head north to confront Viewax and rescue his prisoners.
  • Crew takes flight aboard the airship and attempts to travel to Foglast in the south.
  • Unfortunately, their access to the island is block by a force field creat by Odozeir, the source of which lies far away.
  • The three manage to trace the source of the distant force field to an island in the far northwest.

hylics 2

What’s New HYLICS 2 Free Download

  • Landing on this island, the crew soon comes across a local juice ranch.
  • At this ranch, Wayne finds Somsnosa, another familiar face involved in the fights with Odozeir’s agents.
  • After combining forces, the attackers are kill and Somsnosa explains.
  • The agents sneaked into the ranch by hiding in a sap beast egg.
  • After the defeat, the ambush left behind a key that Somsnosa believ was to open the entrance to the secret facility north of the ranch.
  • With the newly acquired key in hand, Wayne and his crew open the entrance to the Shield facility, the source of the Foglast force field.
  • The four go to the basement of the facility to kill the worm that powers the remote shield.
  • After traveling through the worm maze, the crew summons the giant worm to the sound of a horn-shaped instrument.
  • They defeat the beast and effectively eliminate the distant force field’s power source.
  • The group returns to Foglast, no longer protected by the barrier.
  • They make their way across the desert landscape, learning of Odozeir’s plans as they approach his fortress.

How to Install it?

  • Defeated and reduced to a puddle of slime.
  • Odozeir uses his remaining power to inform Wayne that the ritual to revive Gibby has progress too far and can no longer be.
  • The restored Gibby Redivivus appears before the crew and uses dynamite, sending Wayne and his friends to the afterlife.
  • Gibby then creates Hylemxylem, an artificial satellite to serve as his kingdom.
  • The floating fortress begins to emit corrupting rays, transforming the inhabitants into incomprehensible and distorted beings.
  • After the crew awakens in the afterlife, long tubes can now be seen draining.
  • The pink ocean channeled earthly juices into the oppressive structure.
  • Wayne and his group return to the world of the living, fly to Hylemxylem aboard the airship and infiltrate the fortress.

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