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NORDIC WARRIORS Enter the real-time tactical nightmare of Nordic Warriors and use your handful of brave souls to stop an endless horde of undead horrors. You must use the terrain and your hero abilities to heal and guide your units as you fight your way through the unfolding apocalypse. Inspired by the classic Myth series, Nordic Warriors is a real-time tactical game set in a world immersed in an existential struggle for survival. You’ll need smart strategy combined with tactical skills to survive the onslaught of hordes of undead and their wizard allies.

Meet heroes, legends, demons, and gods as you make your way through the Middle World and even pass through the Gates of Hel themselves. This game may contain content not suitable for all ages. The player uses weapons, magic, and explosives to kill enemies in battle. When an enemy is killed, there will be a large amount of blood splatter and flying body parts. Blood and gore are an integral part of the game. Nordic Warriors is obviously intended to be a spiritual successor to Myth: The Fallen Lords and its sequel, a unique series of real-time strategies (or real-time tactics as we call them sometimes).

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NORDIC WARRIORS PC Download Features

  • Games from the 90s that I loved back then. There was nothing like it before or since.
  • At least until the Nordic Warriors.
  • These types of games lack the budget-friendly gameplay of most RTS titles.
  • Instead, you simply get a small number of units and a target.
  • Without reinforcements outside of certain rare events in the scenario, each unit has value and each death is felt.
  • This is further reinforced by the fact that each unit has a name and a number of kills that persist across all missions.
  • Even without any real character or personality development, they can begin to lead their own lives.
  • On one mission, I sent one of my shields, Iona, on what?
  • I thought was a suicide mission to hunt down enemy wizards.
  • She was already injured, but after successfully dodging the wizards’ projectiles and killing her.
  • Iona managed to escape the hordes of enemy soldiers and return to my lines with about 1% health remaining.

Gameplay Download PC

  • I asked my shaman to heal her and from that point on I did everything I could to keep Iona alive in all subsequent missions.
  • She deserved it. Myth and Nordic Warriors also share a high level of realism, with projectiles following real-world physics.
  • NW seems to be a little less rigorous in terms of realism than its predecessors.
  • I didn’t notice any shrapnel doing damage, and the arrows seemed less likely to veer off course – which is a mixed result.
  • On the one hand, it takes away some of the characters from the gaming experience.
  • But on the other hand, I lost far fewer units to friendly fire, which I can’t complain about too much.
  • The best and worst thing about Nordic Warriors is that it replicates the Myth experience so closely.
  • This is good because it is a good formula that is worth repeating.
  • I keep saying it, but there’s simply no other game quite like it, and that’s a shame.
  • These hyper-realistic virtual battles against overwhelming obstacles are particularly exciting and thrilling.

NORDIC WARRIORS System Requirements

  • The downside is that it is perhaps too slavish in sticking to the myth formula.
  • It’s simply playing Myth with modernized graphics, and as much as I love Myth.
  • I’d like to think the formula could be refined a bit after twenty-plus years.
  • I know this was made by a very small development team on a very limited budget.
  • So we can’t expect much from it, but there are a lot of things that could be done to improve this style of game.
  • Maybe could we have the option to select our units before each?
  • Mission (within limits) or customize our troops in some way.
  • Or perhaps the physics engine could be further improved to include warping of the land or something similar.
  • Nordic Warriors also brings back the fairly hard difficulty of its predecessors.
  • Even at the lowest difficulty level, this can be a stressful game that requires precise play and constant vigilance.
  • I admit that the sense of danger is part of what makes this formula work.
  • But I would have liked to see a balance struck to make things less stressful.



  • I also appreciate that effort was made to show the relatively high level of gender equality in Old Norse culture.
  • There is a decent selection of female units and characters.
  • Which was definitely a major weakness of Myth at the time.
  • Overall, Nordic Warriors is a solid game and an impressive achievement from such a small development team.
  • But I wish more had been done to improve the Myth formula.
  • It’s a genre that’s capable of so much more, and I fear that won’t be enough to attract new fans.
  • I bought Nordic Warriors.
  • My own criticism is as follows.
  • For 20 years I’ve been complaining that there isn’t a Mythos type game on the market. Now one has arrived.
  • As a big fan of the legendary series, I enthusiastically played several Nordic Warriors missions.
  • 1 It looks a lot like Mythos, even the controls are similar. The challenge is similar.
  • The positioning of archers and warriors is similar.
  • The graphics are reasonably good, not as good as Divinity Original Sin-2, but still pretty good.
  • Certain things like the sea are very well represented.

How to Install it?

  • The sound is quite good, again not exceptional, but the ambient noise conveys the ambiance.
  • The music is captivating.
    4 Some levels are really well designed.
  • On one level, I had to defend a stockade surrounded by a moat.
  • The attackers came from three sides, sometimes at the same time.
  • It was so much fun and reminded me of the first time I played the “Myth’s – Across the Gjol” level.
  • This sounds a lot like a myth. You could almost call it a good mod.
  • There is no multiplayer mode There is no mod support.
  • So, you should buy it. That’s what I did, the creators of this game are a small team.
  • They need all the money they can get. If this game stands the test of time.
  • Perhaps their next mythic style game will have everything we want in a modern mythic game.
  • Still, Nordic Warriors is worth the asking price, even as a standalone game.


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