RAILROAD CORPORATION CIVIL WAR introduces an all-new campaign with five missions set during the American Civil War in the 1860s. Test your reliability as a partner in the Union or Confederate armies. Your objectives will initially focus on the production and delivery of war materials and their delivery to specific locations. But soon, as you complete your tasks and increase your reputation, your organization will be responsible for sending troops to the front lines and ensuring that the soldiers carry enough equipment and ammunition for their cause.

Grow your organization amidst chaos and be prepared to make enemies, because no one can stay neutral forever. An all-new campaign that includes five new missions. Conquer cities by transporting troops there. Build recruiting offices and increase the number of soldiers. Conduct geospatial research and find natural resources. Craft special mortar trucks and deliver them to the front
Produce gunpowder and soldier uniforms and transport them to military camps. Seven new buildings and seven new assets for production and trade.

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  • Decide the fate of the final battle. This DLC is pretty much a waste of money.
  • It has as much to do with the American Civil War as Lord of the Rings.
  • Bad historical research combined with a completely insane “combat” system makes for a very frustrating experience.
  • Give it a try and stick to the base game (which is pretty well done) or maybe one of the other DLCs.
  • How can I check the version of my download?
  • I want the one that prevents freezing.
  • Most freezes occur in tracklaying mode. If they do this, the only alternative is “Control, Alt, Delete”.
  • I’ve seen claims that this bug is being fixed and is being fixed.
  • Shouldn’t it automatically download the latest version with bug fixes?
  • Something about the first mission just didn’t sit well with me.
  • Your opponents start with all the resources they need to make gunpowder, and you start with none of that.
  • They must use their railroad to transport their own powder to the Union camps.
  • It’s an unfortunate game design decision. But nothing like Far Cry 2.
  • I was willing to forgive the fact that my competition helped me beat them in the first mission.

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  • But when the South supplied the Northern States with raw materials, that’s when I set the limit.
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