Sliptime Sleuth


Sliptime Sleuth

Sliptime Sleuth In this time travel puzzle game, travel through time as a detective, a bumbling assassin who will do anything to get the job done. Use an advanced time travel device to uncover clues, travel to hard-to-reach locations, and solve puzzles across four paid main quests. As a Detective, navigate your way through an unhappy marriage, search for forbidden frozen yogurt, and tinker with pumpkin physics while dealing with a variety of strange cases that lead to even stranger problems.

Sliptime Sleuth is a truly exciting puzzle game that will captivate your attention. The time travel mechanic is used well and the levels naturally require an increasing focus on thinking about logic and finding creative solutions to absurd problems. The original version is also always varied and entertaining. Sliptime Sleuth is a really good time. Amazing puzzle game, with cute art styles, fun mini-stories in the levels, and time mechanics that worked really well. At the end of the game, there is a puzzle called “No More Mr.

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Sliptime Sleuth Features

  • Nice Guy” that requires you to apply everything you’ve learned and the game’s mechanics, as well as some creative thinking.
  • I can’t wait until I can buy a bottle of Bird Feather Skull Crab Soda!!
  • Very well-made game from a great group of emerging game developers.
  • I loved the art style and OST!
  • There is clearly so much creativity and originality in this game that I highly recommend it.
  • Lots of great cerebral moments that really make you think logically.
  • We look forward to more games and updates from Sunburst Studios!
  • And remember, laxatives work wonders! Hey, what’s going on? My name is Dan, just Dan.
  • I’m getting to the point. I, Dan (just Dan), am happy to say that this is a fun game.

Gameplay Sliptime Sleuth

  • It had a very fun and unique art style and incredibly well-designed puzzle mechanics.
  • The game will definitely leave the player wanting more.
  • The time mechanic seems unique and requires you to look for small changes in a level to solve the problem.
  • I liked the little details of the secondary characters.
  • The art and music are always excellent.
  • It may be short, but each level was extremely well thought out!
  • Overall, it’s a lovely, short but sweet puzzle game that I can wholeheartedly recommend!
  • I am very impressed with this game, the graphics, the puzzles, the gameplay, the music, and the writing style, playing Sliptime Sleuth was awesome.
  • The time travel mechanic is a really cool idea and I like how it ties into the puzzles.
  • You’re really forced to think logically and follow the different things that the citizens are going to say, which I think is why I kept playing.

Sliptime Sleuth System Requirement

  • The puzzles are designed to make you feel like a detective, a time traveler, and a murderer all at once.
  • Overall, this is a super fun and challenging game, highly recommended!
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Sliptime Sleuth

What’s New Sliptime Sleuth

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