TAINTED GRAIL Beautiful illustrations, balanced gameplay, challenging, and above all fun! Purchased as a bundle with the 3D “version” currently in development. It reminds me of Slay the Spire with different artwork and slightly different gameplay. I like both games for different reasons. An addictive roguelike deck builder with lots of spoken content and RPG-like paths to progress. Basically, think of Slay the Spire like Diablo.

You may be wondering, “There are so many roguelike deck builders, why would I want this one?” » Well, Tainted Grail adds a little more narrative RPG style to the standard formula. Most events are narrated, and there are many NPCs with voices, which gives the game a slightly different character. It’s not in itself a better game – in fact, some deckbuilding purists will definitely prefer the optimized speed of pure play in Slay the Spire and Monster Train – but for those looking for a game that feels more like a story.

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TAINTED GRAIL PC Download Features

  • In which you play, a simple card game, that hits the mark, like Griftlands.
  • Tainted Grail is also more roguelite than comparable.
  • This means you can earn various currencies for upgrades that persist between runs.
  • Even your quests persist between playthroughs – I started one quest.
  • With a Summoner and completed three more quests with different characters.
  • Before finally completing the quest with my Berserker.
  • There’s a nice balance here between the usual deck tuning (and passive skills) and the fact that bosses behave very differently.
  • This means that a setup that can destroy one boss can be destroyed by another.
  • So you have to adapt, get lucky, or have a strong enough deck that it doesn’t matter.
  • A moderately complex deck-building game.
  • While I don’t feel like it offers as much variety in the configuration.
  • Of each of the nine classes offered (card-wise), it makes up for it with passive abilities and runes.
  • As well as the fact that the nine classes are quite different. different ones play each other.


  • (There is some overlap in the basic concept, but the execution differs greatly.)
  • The graphics, music, and voice acting round out the finishing touches.
  • There are a variety of small quests to unlock game mastery and a good balance.
  • of unlockables to enhance your rogue-lite experience.
  • While I wouldn’t rate it as high as (for example) Slay the Spire
  • I would consider it a very strong contender. Worth the price and quite funny.
  • There’s a nice balance here between the usual deck tuning (and passive skills) and.
  • The fact that bosses behave very differently, means that a setup that can destroy.
  • One boss can be destroyed by another, so you have to adapt and get lucky.
  • Or have a strong enough deck that it doesn’t matter.
  • In short, it’s an interesting and entertaining take on the rogue-lite deck-builder genre
  • And if the idea of dark fantasy encounters told like a storybook sounds appealing rather than gruesome.
  • Tainted Grail is definitely worth a look.
  • My favorite card game, even if the first few rounds are a bit boring.
  • “Beginning” seems more like luck than strategy.
  • Once you start unlocking things, you’ll be able to customize your characters further and there will be a lot more synergies.

TAINTED GRAIL System Requirements

  • This is a big plus for me. I wish I could give this game a thumbs up.
  • At first, I was very excited to play such games.
  • History, writing, music, and art suit me perfectly.
  • .It starts strong, but you quickly realize that there is not much difference between the way each character plays (there are 12 in total).
  • The choices you make don’t have much impact either, the gameplay seems so generic and simple.
  • But everything else is so good.
  • I don’t understand why Slay the Spire has an overwhelming review.
  • But Tainted Grail just has a very positive review.
  • Each class is quite unique, and this becomes even more true as you unlock more cards and perks for them.
  • Higher difficulty levels may force you to change your strategy instead of simply requiring stronger cards.
  • In my opinion.
  • Tainted Grail beats the above game in every category.
  • Sound/music, graphics, gameplay, story, … everything is much better here.
  • I played this game before trying Slay the Spire and honestly.


What’s New TAINTED GRAIL Free Download

  • The game has a few short clips that show you the main aspects of the story.
  • But other events that take place afterward are presented in text dialog boxes.
  • The NPCs you save tell their own personal tragedies and then grant significant buffs.
  • The graphics are good and seem heavily inspired by the Dark Souls aesthetic.
  • The world is desolate and dark and the enemies are either abominations, undead, or evil priests and wizards.
  • Overall, the worldbuilding and atmosphere are consistent and the owls are very good.
  • The gameplay isn’t really original or much different from what games like Slay the Spire have done before.
  • You need to play defense cards, attack cards, and buffs, and playing them at the right time is crucial.
  • As you gain experience, you can choose perks that make you stronger but may force you to play a certain way.

How to Install it?

  • Unlike Slay the Spire, instead of relics that can completely change gameplay.
  • Here we find runes with two different effects, one for armor and one for weapon slots.
  • The strength of which varies depending on rarity.
  • As with all rogue-lite and RNG games, you can get really unlucky.
  • But the game doesn’t have the usual critical hits of other games, instead.
  • There are unfair encounters and weak advantages that make some battles very difficult to win.
  • To get all the achievements I mainly played on easy, keeping the required grind to a minimum.
  • When I played on 1 and 2 I also finished the game but it all depends.
  • On the perks and bonuses you receive from NPCs and locations.
  • How long: Around 20 hours, mostly on an easy difficulty level
  • Game difficulty: Medium, depending on the difficulty chosen and your experience in this type of game.
  • Difficulty level of achievements: Medium, but also depends on the difficulty level.
  • On Easy, most achievements are easy to complete but require a bit of work and luck.
  • Reaching level 20 in all classes will take the longest.
  • As you will need to reach the third area, Join and follow my Ribbon Hunters.
  • Group for more suggestions and reviews on easy indie games to help you complete all the achievements.


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