Truck and logistics simulator Load,


Truck and logistics simulator Load,

Truck and logistics simulator Load, drive, and deliver in a massive open world for up to 24 players in cross-platform multiplayer. Join your friends in exciting heavy transport convoys. Get behind the wheel of over 30 unique vehicles and complete complex loading tasks to deliver a variety of goods. Each mission is unique and has its own challenges. Start your business by loading pallets into delivery trucks with a forklift. You can then load heavy containers onto trailers using telehandlers. Maneuver vehicles such as cars.

Forklifts, skid steers, wheel loaders, and more on your trailers. Hundreds of unique and challenging missions and deliveries await you! Yeah, it’s a bit meh. Unfortunately, there is no option for this, resulting in a poor rating. The map is too small for everything. In 4 hours you have seen the entire map and transported most of the goods. This alone would be suitable for modding purposes, but other than that the game doesn’t offer much to explore.
It’s cool to be able to drive different types of cars.

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Truck and Logistics Simulator Load Features

  • It’s a shame that the AI tends to block roads, control the brakes, or simply refuse to drive when the light is green.
  • Fortunately, you can see damage to your vehicle.
  • It’s a shame that physics throws you into the air and forces you to take huge damage to your delivery and car.
  • Beautiful cities and POVs and even small collectibles.
  • There’s no interaction, no story, or any use of these POVs for cool quests.
  • This game has come a long way since.
  • I last played it about a year ago, there are still a few very small things that need to be ironed out, but it is 100% on the right track.
  • Dev is active and communicative, which is always a good thing.
  • Graphics and frame rates have improved significantly.

Gameplay PC Download

  • I like that you have to load things with forklifts, loading vehicles, etc.
  • The steering wheel support is perfect and even supports multiple controllers connected at the same time.
  • Multiplayer works quickly and efficiently.
  • What else can I say? If you weren’t sure about this game before.
  • I would definitely buy it now and it will only get better with new updates!
  • I would just like to add that I purchased this game with my own money when it was released, so no keys were provided to me, and this opinion is solely my own.
  • Please keep this game alive, better than ETS and ATS, in many ways I think it’s sad that the player base is all but gone (at least most of the time) but please please keep updating.
  • Hours of gameplay may not seem like much, but my gaming time was a must on the Switch.

Truck and Logistics Simulator Load System Requirement

  • I have since given up and switched to the PC version because there was no update for the other version.
  • Please don’t let him die! Exactly the game I was looking for.
  • A casual driving game with deliveries and such.
  • Games like American Truck Sim-World are just too big, so it’s not as fun. It’s basically like driving on a GTA map.
  • I just wish it was better with…
  • The map could be a little bigger. Maybe 33%.
  • Vehicle handling is not particularly realistic. Driving vehicles should be more realistic.
  • No police (or any that I saw) – I dragged myself through towns and no police to give me tickets. Need police officers.
  • Random events = road construction, accidents, etc. Things that destabilize you.
  • I would like vehicles to indicate how many kilometers you have traveled with the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle displays speed and gear, the total number of kilometers traveled should also be shown.

Truck and logistics simulator Load,

What’s New Truck and Logistics Simulator Load

  • The vans I’ve used definitely didn’t have this – it would be cool to see how many miles you can cover with one vehicle.
  • More vehicles in each category. No more upgrades that cost in-game money.
  • I just couldn’t find much to spend my money on.
  • Visible damage to the vehicle in the event of impact with objects or other cars. A flat tire that you have to repair along the way.
  • If your car breaks down, you will need to call a tow truck, which will incur costs.
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