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Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon As a long-time gamer and somewhat of a pessimist when it comes to modern game design, I can’t praise this game enough for its fantastic design. I bought it as a bundle for my Steam deck without knowing the title beforehand and spent the last hour raving about this game. The aesthetics, the precision of the controls, the simplicity of the design, the system progression, replayability, and SOUND DESIGN! This is all simply fantastic! It’s so rare these days to find games this enjoyable.

The fact that there is a cooperative is the icing on this already well-polished cake. Western aesthetic, roguelike design, compelling boss fights, simple but compelling narrative, getting your head kicked in by a horse, indie developer support. If you like something I just wrote above, consider purchasing this game and supporting projects like this! You finally found it. Your next and, I’m sure, the best roguelike experience of the many currently available on the Steam store. And it’s been that way for a very long time, I suppose.

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Colt Canyon Features

  • Now that I’ve “completed” a game (meaning I beat the final boss – and let me tell you.
  • I fought – and went to hell and back – literally – to save my partner), I think I could express some thoughts out loud.
  • Better yet, I really feel like I should write something about this game.
  • At least to help the Retrific team as much as possible, bring them recognition and at the same time spread awareness about this true gem of a game.
  • Which is (un)fortunately for me on the one hand so well received, and on the other hand to others and to many fewer people than it deserves.
  • This is neither an exemplary review of the game nor a professional version, I speak out of admiration, merit, and of course experience.
  • I’m a fan of roguelikes and roguelikes, and this checks all the boxes the developer has conveniently listed in the description above.
  • The graphics won’t be for everyone, but it’s pixel art at its best.
  • So few real pixels and yet a perfect representation of a scene, a perfect tone and atmosphere, a perfect return of shots, violence, and movement.

Gameplay Colt Canyon

  • In fact, it’s very detailed (environmental animations, cartridges coming out of the empty magazine.
  • Dismemberments, recoil…), but the action is so tight and hectic that we often don’t have time to see everything.
  • The gameplay is incredibly satisfying! Each character feels different, and each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Meaning that every choice you make along the way changes the game in some aspect, be it pacing, strategy, distances, or priorities.
  • It’s raw! I know, red and white pixels, but man, does it look brutal and bloody hitting those shotgun blasts at close range, or that heavy crossbow safety?
  • And when you have finished your massacre, the mainland is painted red! It’s complicated and satisfying.
  • It’s fun, entertaining and engaging.
  • It’s difficult, unforgiving, and unpredictable.
  • You can apply some modifiers, but you won’t be able to unlock achievements and leaderboards.
  • The game is as challenging as it is balanced and ultimately becomes more rewarding as the difficulty increases.
  • Everything is quick and fast, the controls react like a trigger, and yet it sometimes becomes strangely meditative: the music stops.

Colt Canyon System Requirement

  • We hear the crows flying in the ravines, we hear the wind whispering bad omens between the rocks – a wolf in the distance!
  • This means that the game also handles pacing in unexpected and effective ways.
  • Going from chaotic and hectic to slow and seductive.
  • And of course, the audio is so immersive it feels like a feature
  • Give it a try and watch some videos to get a feel for the game if you’re not sure because of the graphics.
  • But hopefully spoiler-free because it’s definitely difficult to play the game enemy by enemy, character by character, weapon by weapon. , but it’s definitely worth it.
  • It’s been a long time since I felt this sense of accomplishment, this struggle between joy and struggle
  • More importantly, it’s a game that requires my thinking, especially my quick thinking, a game that requires me to work hard.
  • Yes, what is strange for me is that all this does not seem to be respected by the graphics.

Colt Canyon

What’s New Colt Canyon

  • Our previous titles were based on an innovative engine whose ultimate goal was world-class gameplay.
  • And were critically acclaimed as games that invigorated, even reinvented their genre.
  • We founded Steam in 2003 as a digital content distribution channel, before app stores existed.
  • Since then, it has grown into a platform where thousands of creators and publishers can provide content and build direct relationships with their customers.
  • The Steam community allows millions of players to do the same, share entertainment and ideas, and make friends.
  • We make consumer electronics that expand and improve PC gaming.
  • Things like the Steam Deck, Valve Index, Steam Controller, and Steam Link.
  • We invented the VR technologies that power Vive, an interactive VR system launched in collaboration with HTC.

How to Install it?

  • Just like in software development, we test and share prototypes with our partners and players.
  • We follow the results of this work throughout the manufacturing process to create products that people are sure to enjoy.
  • We make all of these things together in Bellevue.
  • Washington, where we combine the resources and talent of a world-class company with the philosophy of a small startup.
  • With an engaged and vibrant community of partners and stakeholders.
  • Our products and business will continue to evolve and grow in ways we may never have predicted.
  • Join us and find out what’s next. Exercise your rights.  

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