Hollow Steps

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Hollow Steps

Hollow Steps You are a customer of the virtual world company Dartom Inc. You are one of the many people who want to test yourself in one of the many worlds created by the company. When the tester has completed their puzzles in the world, they leave the world and announce their results. During your test, a ghost in the system will alter your experience. The world you enter has 3 main puzzles and 3 mini-puzzles that open doors to the main puzzles. Your goal is to complete them and leave the world to see your results.

The gameplay mainly revolves around puzzles where you have to find a way to solve them. At the start of each puzzle area, you will find small hints of the company. In addition to the puzzles, there is a secret vault that only opens with 8 fragments and computer panels that change your environment. Well, Hollow Steps is done and dusted. I found it to be a very good puzzle game. It’s not really a challenge, but a nice distraction so to speak. It took me about 40 minutes to finish it. It’s worth noting that there’s no save.

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Hollow Steps Features

  • So you’ll have to complete it in one go or start over (like I had to do, lol).
  • The graphics were pretty nice, and the sound was good.
  • For the most part, the story seemed nonexistent.
  • It’s a sort of crime thriller, but barely. The gameplay is solid.
  • There were a few cuts to objects along the way (mostly rocks or uneven sidewalks), but jumping gets you out of those situations.
  • The game lacked a story and a save system.
  • Who was Joel and why should I care? I collected the fragments, but the last one was not recorded as collected.
  • The puzzles were solved, but only to open a door, and then the game was over, right after the game he asked me if I wanted to help get revenge on Joel.
  • There was potential, but in the end, it meant nothing.

Gameplay Hollow Steps 

  • Hollow Steps is a very short puzzle game in which you are a guest of Dartom Incorporated, a virtual reality company that puts you to the test.
  • However, during the test, you discover that there is a ghost inside the machine who wants revenge on Dartom for what he did to Jori.
  • “Who the hell is Jori?” » you might ask. Well, the game doesn’t answer that question.
  • Maybe it will be in the sequel if there is a sequel.
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Hollow Steps

What’s New Hollow Steps

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